a PLEASE NOTE!! FMA Bred Sale December 3rd has been CANCELLED and moved to November 26th. Also FMA Pre-conditioned All Breed Calf Sale December 11th has been CANCELLED and moved to December 2nd.

a FMA BRED SALE November 26th @ 1pm: 1) Remington Land & Cattle 75 Bred Red & Black Cows. 2) Roen Ranch 25 Bred Red Angus/Simmental X Heifers. 3)Jim Parker Herd Dispersal.4)Doug McClelland 14 Bred Black Angus Heifer.5)Zoratti Ranch 35 Bred Red Angus Simmental X Heifers.6)Pincher Creek Ranches Herd Dispersal, 160 Bred Charolais Cows.7)K’S Thomson 12 Bred Cows and 5 Bred Heifers Corriente/Texas Longhorn Cross. 8)Dunlop Ranch 15 Bred Red Angus/Simmental Cross Heifers. 9)Lowry Cattle Co. 3 Red Bred Cows. 10)Ron Buddenhagen – 60 Bred Solid Red, Solid Black and Red White Face Cross Cows. Click on FMA November 26th Bred Sale for more information. Or call 1-888-553-7715.

a HLA BRED SALE November 28th @ 1pm: 1) Patton Farmstead 57HD of Bred Cows. 2) Loyde Morasch 16 Bred Cows and 4 Bred Heifers. 3) Alvin Malin 30 Bred Heifers. 4) Dream Catcher Ranch 25HD Second Calvers. 5) Gary & Lesley Meadows 34 Bred Heifers. 6)Swinging 7 Ranch 12 Bred Red Angus X Cows. Click on HLA Bred Sale Dates for more information on these Bred cows and Heifers.....For more information click on November 28 Sale Day at HLA.

a HLA BRED SALE November 29th @ 1pm featuring Gordon Turner Farms 500HD of Bred Heifers. Click on HLA Bred Sale Dates for more information on these Bred cows and Heifers.

a HLA BRED SALE December 5th @ 1pm: 1)Harley & Joanne Earl of Earl Ranches herd dispersal of 400 head of Bred Cows. 2) E M Farms - 100 head of Bred Cows and 40 head of Bred Heifers. 3) Dalcharn Holdings - 25 head of BLK/BBF Bred Heifers. Click on HLA December 5 Bred Sale for more information.......HLA BRED SALE December 12th @ 1pm: 1)Mitchell Farm 100 head of Bred Angus X Cows. 2)UXL Ranch 80 head Bred Heifers.3)Alder Ranch 14 Bred Black Angus Cows.4) Bar S Ranch – 50 Bred Black and Red Heifers. Click on HLA December 12 Bred Sale for more information

a 66 RANCH LTD. FALL BULL & BRED FEMALE SALE at 1pm Friday December 12, 2014 at Fort Macleod Auction Market. 44 Long Yearling Purebred Black Angus Bulls, 80 Home Raised 66 Ranch Black Bred Heifers, 55 Fancy Black Commercial Bred Heifers, and 30 Fancy Black Brockle Face Bred Heifers. View catalog and video at www.66RanchLtd.com. To veiw sale online on sale day login at cattleinmotion.com

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